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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Jack Daniels » Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:24 pm

    CbbK, to the rescue :mrgreen:
    Jack Daniels
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Jack Daniels » Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:24 pm

    CbbK wrote:Case closed, both players are suspended until the end of the championship.

    bump, for page 2 ~
    Jack Daniels
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Cactilión » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:46 am

    CbbK wrote:Case closed, both players are suspended until the end of the championship.

    Mr. CbbK, in this moment (15 minutes to the end of the 3rd round), the player "Lilo" in unfairly classified in the 2nd place to the final round, but I consider that the most harmed player will be the player that will be eliminated in the 11st place (only 10 players will play this final), so I ask you if you can classify the player who stays in the 11st position to the final round of the championship... I think that due to the cheat game between Lilo vs Dominos this will be a fair decision. Thank you.
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby SpenceKwon » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:39 am

    For clarity, what actually happened to compensate the removal of a player from green list?
    Or did the removal take place at phase change , therefore advancing him to final, than removing him after the change?
    cheers :)
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Lilo » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:21 am

    LoL...Thanks guys.
    This is my first championship here. I directly came to the final (normally). And you banned me?
    This is really shittie behaviour.
    I mean...why is it my fault if somebody else uses all his caterchipillar?

    I really have to say that I think you guys banned me, because I came in the Final and your Friends, like Saintsy, Spence, (and if I were in the final now) maybe Ultima or Cact (havent seen the list) dont get it.
    This sucks guys.
    You made me sad.
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Saintsy » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:40 am

    Yeah, we noticed he wasnt in the finals this morning, then Starn just informed me he was banned.

    In my post, i wasnt reporting lilo for cheating, i was merely reporting the game and the situation that often happens. By all means it wasnt lilo's fault that domino's played that way, unless they organised it which i doubt.

    Cases like this, only the person that plays like this should be banned from the current and the next champ for his behaviour. Nobody can help it if the player they're playing just up and gives up giving his precious cards away.
    Not to mention this happened at the end of round 2. He may have beaten dominos if he(domino) had played properly that game and lilo may have gained his place in the green.

    Round 3 he fought squall and axel a couple matches each i believe which he got score high enough to qualify for the finals. What was done is done and i feel that lilo should've been able to play the finals. Like i said it wasnt his fault and getting Lilo banned was not my intention at all, i was just pointing the game out and how quickly it can change the order and knock out another player out.

    CbbK wrote:Case closed, both players are suspended until the end of the championship.

    When i read this, i assumed it referred to the "Friendly games" players, not lilo/domino situation. Perhaps posting that in this thread was a wrong move by me.

    Edit: I saw lilo posted while i was writing this. Sorry bro, like i said, having you banned wasnt my intention at all.
    But to say you were banned because players like myself, spence, cact or ultima didnt make it?
    Last edited by Saintsy on Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:10 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Lilo » Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:49 am

    yeah, I infromed Starnatic first, we know us in RL.
    We study and live together (not all year, but a few months xD). Sometimes we even use the same PC. He showed me this game.
    Anyway...this is not interesting in this case.
    Thanks Saintsy that you understand me. But I am still sad.
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby Starnatic » Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:03 pm

    oh damn lol.
    Lilo told me an hour ago whats going on and I informed (and asked about) the players in lobby (like Saintsy).

    I still don't get this.
    Lilo gets banned, because his oponent is losing on purpose. Is that right?
    Guys...first of all. This is not the fckn first time a guy is losing on purpose in champ? Do you really believe that? Even top-players (you all know them) have done that before. Maybe even you did?

    And to Cactillion and Spence. Wtf is wrong with you guys? You really think this ban is justifiable? Or why do you ask for coming in the final instead of Lilo right after this obvious mistake by cbbk. (And yeah - in my opinion - its an obvious mistake).

    At least to Jack... "cbbk to the rescue"...
    Well not really. Lilo qualified for the 2nd round. There he played vs. a guy losing on purpose. As already said its obviously not his fault. Maybe he would have won anyway or he would have been qualified even without this game (I Don't remeber the schedule). And even if he would have lost the game, he could have won the next, or the one after the next.
    So I am asking you: Where is the rescue? Its not a rescue, this is cheating.
    Who ever qualified for the final as 11th (for sure it was Cactilion) is the cheater here in cooperation with cbbk, not Lilo.

    As you can see, I am really peeved about this situation, more about the behaviour of the experienced players talking such "smack" here. And well..., sorry for my english, my german is better. ;) ..but I think you are able to understand everything,ya?
    I will laugh pretty hard if you call me the "bad guy" again, while I am playing greenhorns with gain. lol
    shame on you.
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby CbbK » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:27 pm

    This ban is the consequence of a mistake indeed, but not from me, it's totaly justified. Lilo, I'm sure you know why you got it.
    Yes, other players do it as well, they'll also have the same treatment when they will be caught.
    About the friendly games reported in the same time, no precious cards were exchanged, for me it can be 2 friends playing regular games against each other, and preserving each others precious cards, so no reasons to suspend or ban anyone.
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    Re: Cheaters in champ?

    Postby MukuroY » Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:01 pm

    Hello everybody, sorry for it but I have one thing I never said before about those little problems inchampionship and now I will do.

    Those problems have happened I can say in all last champs and always some players take hasty opinions. It usually happens when a newplayer or no regular player have a good performance in championships. We can't blame one player according what his opponent did or if he is a new pro player who came from another TT game. Sometimes they are friends (or even the same person) and make unfair games to pass to the next round but other times not. I don't want to say Lilo is right or wrong, but ask you all players, old, pro and newcomers, to think and pay more attention in all games of the player who you want report or ask for banishment before came here on forum to make one post about cheaters. I have a lot of suspicious players who I never report because I have no proof against them... :P

    I know the championships is one of the great moments in this site and go at one Final is a awesome sensation and we always want to see who really deserve it in those games. But it tes is only a game. Let's have fun, make friends and not enemies. This situation is very unconfortable, I guess, came on forum, in public, and say things against who you don't know sometimes without real proofs...

    And I always said it in lobby: pro players, try to remember the first time you got one Final: what you think the other players thought about you? "Who is this guy? How he got the Final?"

    Then if we want help to make this site a better place, we have to be more impartial and think better about what we are doing when we report one game... ;)

    Ops, Sir CbbK sent a new post before i send mine XD So... Sir, what should I do if for whatever reason my opponent use a deck with 5 precious cards and I win against him, even if i don't know the player? Do I should report my game? I think it's a bit sick O_o
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