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    Released : TTF 1.02

    Postby CbbK » Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:01 pm

    TTFO v1.02
    Changes :
    - Chat room added
    - Player profil added, you can now check player stats and use the picture as a signature for forums!
    - Windowing system changed, you can now open the main menu from everywhere using the button on the interface (on the bottom right corner). You can access the chat room from everywhere by this.
    - You can now see how many players and games are online
    - some new stuff on the web site

    Known issues :
    - lack of player, still :)

    TO-DO :
    - think of a solo mode to obtain new and rare cards
    - Internal mail system to send challenges
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    Re: Released : TTF 1.02

    Postby vili_vili_vo » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:33 pm

    This was pretty fast well done!
    two things came up!
    1. Can you make a chat window available always on the side. Because now it's just a chat... Pretty more useful if you can use it while in a game or in a shop yeah! ^^
    2. I think It will be really attractive to make a tradition of "Saturday nights blitz" - tourneys on each saturday for example at 6 (GMT 0) - this is a good time for asia, europe and america i guess. So the main prize is a high level card, or points! So The games have to be with the same rules (gmm i prefer same and plus ^^) and we can make a score table like in football, i.e. players are devided into groups and then they have a 3 scores for a win, 1 for draw, 0 for lose. After winners of each group play for elimination...Like this... I consider this way will attract lots of people at 6 at least.
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