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    Favorite Cards?

    Postby Nemmet » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:02 am

    Nah, not trying to get a leg up on anyone or anything, but just curious. Do you have a favorite card, or set of cards? Is it the artwork or how well they all work together? Just any reason why you like them.

    Ifrit or Zell's card was the first one I managed to get, but MiniMog has always been a favorite, next to Quistis', Rinoa's, and Edea's cards. I love that they kept Edea's floofy hair in her card artwork.

    What about you guys?

    (This board was just plain too quiet; I had to make a thread!)
    I also run by the name Chevko in most other places.
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby MukuroY » Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:43 am

    Nemmet wrote:Ifrit or Zell's card was the first one I managed to get

    I thought it was me talking about LOL

    But in all cards I have my favorite ones are Edea, because it was my first lvl A card. Zell, because I love this chicken and both 2 Zell cards I have was gifts from two good friends. Ifrit is my favorite GF, even if I dont use it too much in my deck, but he already saved my ass a lot in some championships. And Torama because I dunno, I just like it and how it work in some rules :D
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby Cactilión » Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:27 am

    My favorite cards are this:

    LEVEL 1: Cockatrice
    LEVEL 2: Jelleye
    LEVEL 3: Death Claw
    LEVEL 4: Bomb
    LEVEL 5: Malboro
    LEVEL 6: Gerogero
    LEVEL 7: Jumbo Cactuar (My favorite ever)
    LEVEL 8: Minimog
    LEVEL 9: Alexander
    LEDEL A: Edea (My favorite ever too)
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby Diamonds the Snowolf » Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:26 pm

    My favorite cards and why I like them. =)

    Level 1 - Geezard, Red Bat, Fastitocalon-F, and Blood Soul.

    I like Geezard because, well, who doesn't like Geezards? Red Bats are just cool to look at. Fastitocalon-F I like because they are fishes. Last, but not least, my absolute favorite level 1 card is the Blood Soul! This card as the worst stats but that's what makes it my favorite card, because no one else would pick Blood Soul.

    Level 2 - Mesmerize, Glacial Eye, Anacondaur, Creeps, and Jelleye.

    Mesmerize is a UNICORN!!!! =D I like unicorns. :3 Glacial Eye, I liked to battle them in the original game to take all the blizzard magic from them. Anacondaur, I really don't know why I like this card... I just do. Creeps I like this card because, it's a good card for plus and same. Sometimes... Lastly for this level, I like Jelleye. Its cool to look at and to fight and for the card it has saved me last minute because of its 7 on the left side.

    Level 3 - Forbidden, Snow Lion, Death Claw, and Cactuar.

    Forbidden is a cool looking skeleton with a even cooler name! This is a good card to use for corners and sometimes combos. Snow Lion I like because, I liked to battle them for... now that I think about it, I liked them the same reason I like Glacial Eye. Death Claw I like because, it sort of looks like a wolf. (To me anyway.) Last for this level I like Cactuar. Its a cactus and it has 6 at top and bottom for plus, same, and sometimes combos.

    Level 4 - Turtapod, T-Rexaur, Bomb, Torama, Imp, Blue Dragon, Adamantoise, and Hexadragon.

    Turtapod I like because, its a blue turtle and it works out well in right corners. T-Rexaur I like because it's a strong T-Rex! Bombs work out good in left corners and for combos. Torama I really like because, they are really pretty and strong leopard like creatures. :3 Also, I remember doing really good in a My Precious Championship with Torama cards. =) Imps work out real well with plus combo combos. Blue Dragon I like because it's blue (My favorite color) and its a dragon. Whats not to like except for its weak right and left sides... Adamantoise, because it looks like an alligator snapping turtle with tusks and also the almost every time rage quit fights it brought me on the original game. Last for this level is the Hexadragon card. I like this one to use in corners and also because its a dragon. (I like dragons too.)

    Level 5 - Behemoth, Chimera, PuPu, and Ruby Dragon.

    I like Behemoth not because that's my little brothers favorite card and name to use on games. I like Behemoth for the creature itself. Chimera is a cool thing that combines some cool animals into one. I also like Chimera because of the water element. PuPu. Enough said. Last I like Ruby Dragon because it's my favorite dragon on the game and for its 7 on top and bottom for starter moves and same plus combo combos!

    Level 6 - Fujin Raijin, Elvoret, Iguion, Abadon, and Oilboyle.

    Fujin and Raijin are Seifer's friends and somewhat strong enemies to defeat, I like this card because of the plus it can do with all even sides. Elvoret I think is cool for not only the fact it's the first boss battle and you can draw the GF Siren from it, its also a nice card for corners and elemental rules. Iguion looks cool to me like a cross between a lizard and a lion and also the all even sides for same plus combo combos. Abadon I only like do to the fact that on the actual game you can turn Blood Soul, into this card. Lastly, Oilboyle I like only for the way it looks and how easy of an enemy it was on the actual game.

    Level 7 - Jumbo Cactuar and Catoblepas.

    I like Jumbo Cactuar because it's a JUMBO of the regular Cactuar and it has a cool mustache. I like Catoblepas because it's a much cooler version of Behemoth and except for it's weak top of the card, it's a rather strong card to have.

    Level 8 - Chubby Chocobo, Angelo, Chicobo, Shiva, Ifrit, and Siren.

    First things first, I LOVE CHOCOBOS!!!! <3 So, that pretty much explains why I like the Chubby Chocobo card. :3 Secondly, I LOVE PUPPIES <3 (If you didn't already know that.) So that's why I like Angelo card. Chicobo, awww it's a cute little chocobo! <3 How could I say no to that? Shiva is one of the GF's I use a lot (I like Ice magic / summons etc.) and also for the card I like how she is strong. Ifrit. Enough said. Last is Siren, I like this card because she has high numbers on the right side.

    Level 9 - Carbuncle, Diablos, Leviathan, Odin, Cerberus, Phoenix, and Doomtrain.

    I wasn't really good at this game to start out with and found out about the Queen Card Quest from watching my little cousin play it on the actual game. Before I even knew about this, I named my snow wolf Diamonds. If you're wondering what does this have to do with anything, on the Queens Card Quest there are two girls that you have to play named Princess of Diamonds (Diamonds) and they give you a Carbuncle card if you win them in this quest. So, that made me like this card and sort of wish I had more of them to make it feel some what like the actual game. Diablos is just a cool GF to have. Leviathan is my absolute favorite GF/ Summon of all time. :3 Odin I like because, I found him more useful then Gilgamesh. (No offense if you like him more then Odin.) Cerberus I like because of my love for dogs and that it's a cool GF to have and for the card I like it for its strong left side. Phoenix I like not for the fact my little cousin likes it and that he named his self on games after it, it's the fact that it gives you life and card wise is good for same and plus rules. Last for this level is Doomtrain. Just because of the 2 A's on the bottom left of the card.

    Level 10/ A/ Character Cards - Laguna, Irvine, and Seifer.

    I just really like these cards for the fact that they're my favorite characters and if I ever did win champs where these were the prize cards, (HA HA) you wouldn't be getting them from me. =) Ok.. ok, in all grim reality you might get the Laguna and Irvine but, YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET MY SEIFER CARD. Seifer's my all time favorite Final Fantasy character and I most certainly won't let you take this card away from me. No matter how many Blood Souls you try to bribe me with. (Because you thought that was my most favorite card ever. xD)

    Hope you enjoyed knowing what my favorite cards were and why I like them. =)

    See you on the game where I'll be failing to get my favorite card... =p

    - Diamonds the Snowolf
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    Diamonds the Snowolf
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby winchda » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:57 pm

    My favourite is Edea, I think because in the game I kept playing her until I won her card. She was my first character card. I thought she was proper cool and a bit gothic too. The art work was great too, only...she's a bit pouty!
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby .com » Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:47 am

    Squall and Seifer. I love that they are rivals and pretty equally strong. In the case of Triple Triad, they are opposites with basically opposite stats. They both look badass. This is one of the reasons why I am such a fan of the classic Triple Triad cards, there was so much chemistry between Triple Triad and FF8.
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby Nemmet » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:49 pm

    Got pulled back to the board [s]after forgetting about it[/s] and it's great seeing everyone's responses - especially the in-depth ones! I hadn't expected a response like that. This is really cool - PuPu is definitely a favorite, I must admit. I'm still surprised that they opted to add in the random alien. And Geezards are great as well - I wish there were a higher res model for it :(

    Anyone else got favorites?
    I also run by the name Chevko in most other places.
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    Re: Favorite Cards?

    Postby Ultima Weapon IX » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:37 pm

    Mine are:
    Jelleye, Elnoyle, Behemoth, Trauma, Abadon, Iguion, Catoblepas, Ultima Weapon, Gargantua, Phoenix, Leviathan, Doomtrain, Seifer, Edea, Kiros, Rinoa and Squall.
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