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    Collector Championship - reviving the original Concept

    Postby Xardas » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:22 pm

    Hello, TTFO Community. Everyone who was recently active in the forum knows about this thread
    http://www.tripletriadflashonline.com/e ... ?f=5&t=938
    where I criticised the v3 version of "The Build maker", because getting your cards solely by packs is not about thinking of decks, it's just about luck.
    There were also voices of "keeping both formats" - I'll just quote Spence here, since he suggested the gain mode:
    SpenceKwon wrote:I would like both formats also :)

    Maybe some pack builders champs we could have a gain mode attached more often.
    That way a player in Selphie's predicament could gain them or at least have a chance too.

    I'll come back to that issue after the next paragraph.
    The other thing is, that every Collector Champ I experienced so far just gave +1 point for every card in the inventory. Imho, this is almost exactly like a generic "To rule them all" with a gain mode. The only difference would be, that you'll be awarded a teeny tiny bit more when winning 7-3 or higher while playing with Change or Direct gain. I thoguht it would be more interesting to give bonuses for different kinds of cards in the inventory, since that's more about "collecting". And during my translation work, I stumbled over unused and/or obsolete strings to translate. One or two of which gave the information, that Collector Champs were supposed to give bonuses for different cards, not for having solely a great amount of cards like now. I don't know why this was changed, only CbbK can answer this. I think this concept was cancelled because with that setout, everyone in the champ starts with the highest possible bonus, so the only possibility from the start of a phase was bonus points being deducted. So it would be more about defending rather than collecting.
    My suggestion: let's put these two issues together! Collector wouldn't be a "To rule them all" - ripoff anymore, and we can ban the booster packs from "The build maker", without banning the concept of booster champs!
    In other words: My Idea is, that every Collector Champ has PTS and buyable Boosters. [There can also be a pre-set inventory added (eg. at every phase, everyone starts with a full set of 11 LV1 cards and has enough PTS to buy a LV2 booster)]. That way, you want/have to collect the "missing" cards for a, let's say +5 bonus for each. It's imho also not a "My precious"-Ripoff, because 1) You buy boosters, and 2) everyone would hunt different missing cards ;)

    What are your thoughts?
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    Re: Collector Championship - reviving the original Concept

    Postby SpenceKwon » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:11 am

    I like the overall concept -
    Collecting cards and getting a bonus sounds interesting and more inline with the "collectors" original conception.

    I guess it comes down to " could this be implemented with cbbk's current framework ".
    Only the man himself can answer :)

    I will think also about a scaling pts chart as another way of exploring what "bonus" a player should receive
    based from level 1 -10
    lvl 1 = 2 points
    lvl 2 = 3 points etc etc
    could be another way attaching more value to losing/ gaining
    not sure but worth the discussion at least
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    Re: Collector Championship - reviving the original Concept

    Postby CbbK » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:45 am

    Well, this was the original idea yes ^^
    It can be done with a few changes, I'll look on it after the game is re-released on Android and Windows 10.
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