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  • TTFO as an app - adjustments for new players?

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    TTFO as an app - adjustments for new players?

    Postby Tiayviel » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:24 pm

    Not giving this post much thought so I hope that others back me up with some ideas--

    I love TTFO since day one and have been around for a few years. However, if I found it now on the appstore I would download it, fiddle for a minute or two and delete it with no second thought.

    Why? Example given:
    I select "Play a game" and get the info that I cannot start a game. Lobby empty.
    Why? Because monster blocking Computer.
    Now if I had zero knowledge about in-game events I'd assume the game is bugged and delete it.

    Apps are successful if it's easy fast accessible fun, not a painstaking grind. Preferably pay to win is welcome.
    Normally a player will get bored fast with the same cards (and often new players don't spice up their lifes with rules) and at current Pts reward, booster price and no option to buy Pts it's kinda discouraging to keep playing after the initial "yeah it's good 'ole Triple Triad.. what now?".

    What I would suggest is:
    - remove the option for the monster to block the computer (AI games should always be available no matter what)
    - increase Pts reward or reduce Pack price
    - add an option to buy Pts for ingame purchases
    - packs have a random by-level-increasing chance for A (=farming hook and/or potential people spending $ for mass pack buying)
    - make a first-timer "tutorial" consisting of a few slides showing pts, card trade, pts/crystal buying, lobby entry/avatar edit (that you don't see from the main menu at all)
    - implement card trading and/or Pts/pack booster buying (so us old horses can boost and encourage new players, per Saints' suggestion)
    - DAILY GAME REWARD - nothing makes you return like a bonus, add a weekly random card reward for 7 days of Daily Game in a row and boom, hook mechanism get
    - etc etc

    To get new players even a bit hooked I think TTFO needs to dumb down a notch and allow some EZ mode or use the cliche approaches.


    - AkiyamaDL: all Lv1-5 accessible from start
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    Re: TTFO as an app - adjustments for new players?

    Postby AkiyamaDL » Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:55 pm

    More than pts buying I'd rather have all the cards from level 1 to 5 already accessible, and you have to collect pts to buy those of higher level. When I imagine myself as a new player who can only play lv 1 cards I think I'd get bored very fast.
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    Re: TTFO as an app - adjustments for new players?

    Postby SpenceKwon » Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:18 pm

    Hey guys
    There are some plans to address these issues Tia.
    Some of your suggestions have been discussed.
    Having a complex system is a double edged sword no doubt.
    Also Things have been discussed to help make it more seamless and more informative.

    To make TTFO app friendly will be a work in progress, and I know Cbbk is trying to find time to progress it :geek:
    Its always good to hear everyones suggestions and to relay your honest experience with the app.
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    Re: TTFO as an app - adjustments for new players?

    Postby CbbK » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:26 am

    Yes actually I wait for the last translations, it's a bit long sorry, then I'll release the new version and will work on a daily quest system. To reduce the cost of each cards is also a great idea, it's true that it takes a while to have them all.
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