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  • An Account Creation Issue I Ran Into Today

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    An Account Creation Issue I Ran Into Today

    Postby diazflac » Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:00 am


    I'm new here, and am baffled as to why the playerbase isn't much higher for this great game....
    ...but maybe I ran into part of the reason earlier today when I made my account?

    I just wanted to bring my experience to mods/admins attention, in case it is a problem for others as well.

    When I registered here on the forums everything went smoothly, however when I used the Inscribe page to register for an account on the actual site to play the game, I never got any kind of email with an activation code or anything like that (not in my inbox or in my junk/spam folder), and it kept saying bad password for my newly created account when I tried to log in to play the game. I tried creating my account again, but it said that username/email address was already in use. Still no email even after waiting an hour or so.

    I finally noticed the little "?" button next to the password field on the game login screen that was actually a password recovery request button (I thought it was a general "What's this?" help thing at first and didn't really pay attention to it). I had to request a password reset and I actually got an email this time with a password that allowed me to log in properly.

    It might have just been a fluke and I was unlucky, but if that happens to everybody when they make an account, the average user is not going to know what to do to get their account working and will probably just give up in frustration.

    More users is what this game really needs and deserves! I think that solo-mode I read about in other posts would be a great way to attract a more steady/stable playerbase.

    At any rate, hopefully this might at least help some people who were having difficulties like I was getting logged in to their newly created accounts.
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