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  • The Art of War, TTFO Tutorial 01

    This is where you talk strategy! What are your technics to win? Share your knowledge or ask your questions here.

    The Art of War, TTFO Tutorial 01

    Postby .com » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:01 am

    ***This tutorial is based on a game with No Rules. It is intended for players who already know the basic rules of the game. Later, I may add some with Same/Plus/Combo, etc.***

    Hi guys. I wanted to drop off some knowledge before I get too rusty and forget it all. There is a lot, so I will break it up into small chunks that you can enjoy bit by bit. I will also be referencing The Art of War By Sun Tzu because it is awesome.

    Laying Plans:
    The most important decision in any game happens before the game actually starts. Unless the deck is chosen randomly, it is of vital importance that you choose cards that compliment each other. Please view this post to get an idea of how to select a deck: http://tripletriadflashonline.com/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=527

    Tutorial 01: The First Move

    O.K. Now onto the game. The very first move is extremely important. This decides how the rest of the game will play out. If you are required to start, here are the 3 Main Moves that I suggest.

    This is most obvious move. Simply put, the card cannot be hit.

    Hit me, I dare you:
    This strategy is to place a card down in a way that if it is taken, you can take it back. If the player takes one side, you can take the other, so you get your card back.

    Boxed In:
    This is my favorite move. Here a card is placed that is protected on one side and weak on the others. The idea is the opponent will attack with their Tonberry on one side, and you can counter with your own Tonberry. Next, the opponent will have to "start" with a slightly smaller board than what you started with.
    Finally, I just showing another Box In, this time with Pupu because Pupu is cool.

    Next I will show how to Counter these moves if you are the other player.
    Hope this was helpful!
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