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    This is where you talk strategy! What are your technics to win? Share your knowledge or ask your questions here.

    First Guardian Championship

    Postby SpenceKwon » Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:57 am

    Now that the dust has settle from the last round, just thought I'd get a thread going on things you liked/disliked , loved/hated , enjoyed/head exploded etc about championship
    Also your favorite GF's and builds or strategy or mentality towards your approach to games etc.
    Did you you like 1 deck or have many etc

    K ill Start

    Really liked the mental and emotional roller coaster ride the rules provided.
    Personally it took me to long to settle or adapt in final round and although I only got a handful of wins I had some really cool and tactical games that I felt i pushed my opponent in.

    My original approach was to pick a deck(using same gf) that had good defensive abilitys so I could try and counter weather i started or not. I didn't have the success I'd hoped for so a multiple deck approach worker heaps better for me from than on.

    After watching a few replays I noticed a players had there favorite GF which i will let you say.

    I liked ifirit early on but soon feared some one would play a siren if i tryed capturing the bottom right thrust/anacondor start from middle, so shelved him to my last game.

    Chubby, Quetzalcoatl, and the brothers were very serviceable but also predictable at times.

    the hardest decks to face with my builds were the minimogs and angelos with there up/down strength and wall chances,
    and the shiva , chubby with there cluster strength and plus ability's.

    a little bit of luck sometimes helped/not helped situations that blew all good planning out of the water.

    The skill of players to adapt or predict which gf peeps were using was nice to see, not by all means discounting there supporting cards choices to which played a vital part in putting your plans into action.

    Overall maybe there was'nt 1 standout deck but I had a ball over thinking it until my head exploded.

    So to sum up its just my view on things. share your views
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    Re: First Guardian Championship

    Postby MukuroY » Tue Sep 24, 2013 2:42 am

    You did a great appraisal (i dont know if this is the better word in english :P) here, Spence! Like you said, the "mental and emotional roller coaster ride" is exactly as I felt all this week! And more, I dont play regularly choosing a deck, I feel better with random decks because I don't have so much patience to think strategies and counter-strategies. So it was a championship a little hard to me :P

    I have played with the pratically same deck all phases. I have changed only one or two lvl 2 cards, and sometimes the GF. My basic deck was Grat, Jelleye, Belhelmel, Grendel (or Creeps, Mesmerize or Thrustaevis) and Gilgamesh. Sometimes I tried to use Ifrit or Siren, but Gilgamesh was my better GF and I choose him not for same wall, but because he is good where the lvl 2 cards are weak (sides and down) and if the first move is up, I would have a same wall with Grat or Mesmerize at middle ;D However I think i did best matches when the other player start the game, contrary to common sense to start is an advantage LOL

    I don't did so much games, most in final. It was for two reasons: Few time to play and only one deck that I felt comfortable to use... but in general, I liked so much this championship! It was very creative with the rules and proposal! At first I dont liked the plus rule being added few hours before it start, but after some matches it make all sense!

    Well, I think I only have to say I want play it in the next opportunity! ^-^
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